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heART & Soul Journeywoman

Up hill, down dale

Drove to Ballarat the long and winding way. Not yet ready for the Melbourne suburb route.. Mind you the views are much better in the country. Tall trees, very winding roads, leaves turning yellow, gold and red and stunning views such as this near Neerim. The small amount of traffic was another bonus.

An amazing course in Ballarat. All I had to do was to have fun, listen and make stuff. Accommodation and food and great company was provided at Ballarat Grammar. I had a great teacher and did sculptural basketry which was ever so enjoyable. A way to use my beautiful pieces of found and saved driftwood as well as those found bits from the dump shop and bric a brac shops.

Settling into my studio in the shed. A tad cooler than Darwin I must say but I get so lost in what I am doing that I forget about cold toes although I must admit to wearing ugg boots at times. This not going off to a 'job' every day is great although I do go off to my art job every day. The joys of being a full time artist although a more regular income would be great.

Found another way to have fun with felt. As if I didn't have enough to occupy myself with!!! Op shops are treasure troves and I have been buying some lovely wool jackets to tart up with felt. Might get enough done for the markets.

About my blog

I am a planner, list maker, organiser and worrywart but for the first time ever I am throwing myself out into the universe without a job, but with ideas, optimism and support from family and friends. I am leaving the loving embrace of my beautiful children, the familiar, the known and the comfortable after 37 years of life in the Northern Territory.  A new segment of my life is about to begin. I know where it starts but not how it will unfold. This blog will be my companion, listener and memory keeper of this journey.

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