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Mississippi Blues

Eight days in New Orleans for a ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers) Gathering. Stepping out of the airport was like being back in Darwin – hot and humid – a shock to a system which had become somewhat adjusted to Melbourne winter.

When not in workshops and lectures I wandered and wondered. The French Quarter is an amazing collection of shops, houses, art, bars, very bumpy footpaths and people.

Bourbon Street is an eye opener when the sun starts setting – anything goes. I listened to blues being played in the street, smelled seafood gumbo being cooked and looked into shop windows filled with pralines, vintage objects, art and souvenirs. Also stopped at Café de Monde for coffee and beignets (huge sugar hit).

My hotel window on the 25th floor faced the mighty Mississippi where huge barges wended their way off to another city. I stood there at night watching the lights of New Orleans and saw the torrential rain hammer down onto the streets. A great city to experience.

I booked myself into a glass blowing experience organised by ISGB. We were shuttled to Rosetree Studios where the very patient and skilled Devan helped us blow a glass ball decoration which I am hoping will make it back safely to Melbourne.

About my blog

I am a planner, list maker, organiser and worrywart but for the first time ever I am throwing myself out into the universe without a job, but with ideas, optimism and support from family and friends. I am leaving the loving embrace of my beautiful children, the familiar, the known and the comfortable after 37 years of life in the Northern Territory.  A new segment of my life is about to begin. I know where it starts but not how it will unfold. This blog will be my companion, listener and memory keeper of this journey.

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