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Dziekuje - Thank you

The word Vera and I probably used the most in Poland. It took us about 10 days to get the pronunciation correct but the locals seemed to really like us trying to speak a bit of their language.

First place we drove to in Poland was Szczecin and straightaway collected a parking ticket. We did not have enough small money (Zloty) so parked the car (spaces are hard to find) and went in search of change. By the time we came back 10 minutes later we had a ticket.

Amazing old roads in the old cities. I don't know how the women we saw in their stillettos navigate the footpaths.

About my blog

I am a planner, list maker, organiser and worrywart but for the first time ever I am throwing myself out into the universe without a job, but with ideas, optimism and support from family and friends. I am leaving the loving embrace of my beautiful children, the familiar, the known and the comfortable after 37 years of life in the Northern Territory.  A new segment of my life is about to begin. I know where it starts but not how it will unfold. This blog will be my companion, listener and memory keeper of this journey.

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